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Internet of Things Integration.



In the past several years a new set of IT related “buzz-words” have entered our vocabulary. Things like “The Cloud”, “Big-Data”, or “Things as a Service” are now common place and if one is not able to speak in these terms, their solutions fall behind. Unfortunately the vast majority of IoT solutions are primarily consumer focused and while it is great for home users to automate elements of their lives these solutions often make many compromises that business can not and should not have to tolerate.


While consumer applications sometimes promise security they often make great compromises with user data, selling information off to the highest bidder. Worse is that many times users have no clear knowledge of who to or when this happens. TASC has designed all of its solutions from the ground up to provide the highest level of security in industrial applications.


All consumer products are built with only one factor in mind. Price. How can we produce this product to the target price which market research tells us the consumer will pay. What makes an “arduino” cost 35$? Build quantities only have so much to do with it. When components are selected the designers focus on what will meet the spec and the price point, if the two are ever in conflict, Price always wins out. TASC has designed its products first and foremost with industrial quality in mind. An ardunio based solution might function once or twice below -40 Degrees, but will it do so reliably? What separates consumer from industrial? When it is critical that something functions, you can count on it.


Just as consumer products are designed to a price point, they are designed for a fairly short service life. Most technology products today barely can make it past year 2. Our products have all been designed to keep functioning as long as your application demands, and beyond.

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